The Complete Communication Solution

As businesses grow so does the importance on having effective communication solutions. At GiNiEX we provide a system that brings all of your communications together into one easy to manage system.

Supercharge Your Business

On-premises business communications are an endangered species. They don't serve today’s cloud-connected world.

The cloud is now. Business leaders like you are choosing cloud communications to keep your workforce connected from anywhere, on all your devices, for full access to content and people.

With proven reliability, security and breadth of fully integrated solutions - including cloud PBX, unified communications (UC), team collaboration and contact center.

Discover how GiNiEX  can help your business move transition to the cloud.

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Why Cloud?

The term "cloud" is fast becoming the new normal. The cloud revolution opens up a whole new world of growth and innovation for businesses. The “as-a-service” economy gives you the freedom to focus on what you do best while building a team of cloud experts around you who support you in achieving your business communication goals.

Where in the past your business relied upon on-site phone systems, cloud-based communications allow businesses of all sizes to consolidate their communications infrastructure, integrate applications and reduce the cost and complexity of their telephone systems.

Instant Communication

Wouldn’t you love to empower all your people, no matter where they are and what device they have in hand?

Office, remote, home based or mobile, give everyone fast access to each other and their guests to share information and ideas - using business voice, messaging, conferencing, video, content sharing and more.

One number. Across devices. Powerful applications.

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