Case Studies

4 Benefits of Unified Communications for your business

Businesses love to see the tangible benefits of changing and modernising their business' operating systems. Thanks to the ever-innovative technology ...
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GiNiEX Connect – see how it works

On our blog today we thought we'd share a little video showing how our GiNiEX (powered by Broadsoft) Connect App ...
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Cloud Business Communications Helps Reduce Office Space and Rental Costs

A lot has been written about the increased agility, customer service and productivity benefits of using Cloud-based business communications services. ...
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cloud communications

Move to the cloud and get more from your communications budget

At GiNiEX we consider ourselves communicators. We work in communications and use that technology, and others, to communicate ideas of ...
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GiNiEX Cloud Solution SMUK Ecclestone Yard

GiNiEX Case Study – SMUK

Since launching our new GiNiEX Cloud Communication Solution, we’ve been delighted at the uptake and our increasing number of happy ...
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How Unified Communications is transforming the recruitment industry

Recruiting new staff is a crucial process in any business large or small. Smaller companies are facing challenges when it ...
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