Recruiting new staff is a crucial process in any business large or small. Smaller companies are facing challenges when it comes to hiring the right candidate due to lack of resources. Big organisations can offer lots that is attractive (better pay, facilities, perks) to get decent talent on board. However a ‘bad’ hire can have a negative impact on any company big or small, and businesses are often pressurised into making possibly mismatched recruitment decisions due to the pressure to fill vacancies to targets and time pressures.

Hiring the right people often takes time, time spent by Managers and HR professionals screening, communicating and interviewing candidates that can often takes weeks, and in some cases, months.

But many people don’t realise that smart recruiters are now conducting their business via mobile devices. As such, recruiters can’t afford to have anything less than constant connectivity—not just to applications, but also to hiring managers and potential candidates.

That’s where unified communications such as our GiNiEX Cloud Solution come in. By tying hosted telephony—long the backbone of recruiting outreach efforts—together with email and databases, it’s easier than ever for recruiters to spend less time preparing for the next call. More importantly, it allows them to use that time contacting candidates, which results in increased productivity.

So how can Unified Communications help the HR process?

With recent reports suggesting that 2018 will be a peak year for job change and transformation in the UK, Unified Communications are now a much slicker option when it comes to helping with the recruitment process:


  • Our GiNiEX Meet facility enables recruiters to virtually meet with clients and/or interview potential candidates without having to leave the office, thus saving time.
  • 72 percent of those actively seeking a job, as well as headhunting potential candidates, have used a mobile device to view an organisation’s careers page. (LinkedIn) (Tweet this).
  • Our GiNiEX Connect app enables HR professionals and recruitment agents to keep up-to-date with clients and to quickly and easily receive feedback on candidates.

Interested in an easier way of recruiting? Then our GiNiEX Cloud Solution is for you!

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